The Joint Action Plan on MED Adaptations to Climate Change for the Macro-Project BEACHMED-3


Intro: The COASTGAP Joint Action Plan aims to concretize priority initiatives on MED coastal areas to face CC effects and coastal zone risk at Mediterranean basin scale, based on the capitalization, streamline and use of the 12 selected BPs. The Joint Action Plan will feed the future Macro-Project for coastal zone risk management at Mediterranean basin scale "BEACHMED-3", which strategy was included in the “Bologna Charter 2012” (policy recommendations).

The COASTGAP Joint Action Plan concerns the specification of the main envisaged actions/projects of the Macro-project “BEACHMED-3” and the methods to deploy them, sharing it among a wide Mediterranean partnership.

Such an  instrument is defined into the Regulation 1303/2013 (art. 104) and it “comprises a project or a group of projects, not consisting of the provision of infrastructure, carried out under the responsibility of the beneficiary, as part of an operational programme or programmes”.


Final version of the Joint Action Plan on MED Adaptations to Climate Change (Phase 4.1/A)


Meetings of the Bologna Charter coordination board (Phase 4.1/B)

  • Kick-off meeting in Bologna (IT) – 2014, 20th of February




  • 2nd meeting in Montpellier (FR) – 2014, 12th of June






Meetings with EU DGs in Brussels to present/discuss/endorse the JAP (Phase 2.4/B)

  • 1st meeting with EU DGs 14.05.14




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