Phase 3.1 - CAPITALIZATION Process: analysis & streamline of BPs

For each Best Practice three Technical Reports were produced, as results of the process of capitalisation of the Best Practices:

3.1/A - Promoting Partners' Reports: Presentation of a Best Practice by the corresponding Promoting Partner.

In these reports each Promoting Partner provided a brief description of the Best Practice to be capitalised as well as the main activities to be developed, expected outputs, and, in some case, a capitalisation timetable. Moreover, each Promoting Partner presented a "Key Points Table" to ask to the corresponding Adopting Partners about the administrative, technical, scientific and practical issues needed to analyse the transferability of each Best Practice.

3.1/B - Feedback Reports: Reporting the essential adaptation measures to the relevant Best Practices by each Adopting Partners for their best capitalisation.

In these reports each Adopting Partner provided the results of a consistency analysis of the relevant Best Practices in terms of legal frame of application, form of application (e.g. working internal procedure, regulation, law, database, GIS, etc), technical/territorial coherence and pertinence, etc. and then the proposal of some customization measures to the relevant Best Practices considered essential for their capitalisation. 

3.1/C - Technical Acts: Delivery of relevant Technical Acts for each customised Best Practices by the Adopting Partners for their official internal adoption.

Each Adopting Partner provided a Technical Acts for each capitalized Best Practice, describing the relevant Best Practice/s in the most appropriate form and content suitable for their internal administrative/official adoption at different levels (full adoption and implementation, partial adoption, declaration of interest for future adoption, declaration of interest for encompassing the princi-ples, etc.) according to the own capacity of each Adopting Partner, the context and the typology of the capitalized Best Practice/s.

The final step of the Capitalisation Process is the Administrative adoption of the Best Practices by the relevant Adopting Partners, after their technical/operational tuning up & adaptation. This goal was possible thanks to the delivery of likewise 2.4/A - Administrative Acts produced by the Adopting Partners themselves, at different levels and with different intensity, demonstrating the concrete mainstreaming of the COASTGAP Best Practices.

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