Administrative Acts

The delivery of the Administrative Acts by the partners -if Public Administrations- is the final step of the COASTGAP Capitalisation Process, since it attests the full adoption of the COASTGAP Best Practices after their technical/operational tuning up & adaptation.

Moreover, during the last phase of COASTGAP project life, several proactive meetings have been held in the relevant Countries between the representatives from the National Ministries dealing with environmental issues and the partners of COASTGAP project, with the ambitious aim of obtaining the focal endorsements of the Bologna Charter and the COASTGAP Macro-Project/Joint Action Plan by the National levels through official letters of support and endorsement signed by the Ministries.

Administrative Act - Lazio Region (IT)
Administrative Act - Tuscany Region (IT)
Administrative Act - Ministry of Communication and Works of Cyprus (CY)
Administrative Act - Department of Hérault (FR)
Administrative Act - Region of East Macedonia and Thrace (GR)
Administrative Act - Decentralized Administration of Crete (GR)
Administrative Act - RERASD (HR)
Administrative Act - Emilia-Romagna Region (IT)
Administrative Act - Liguria Region (IT)
Letter of support to the Bologna Charter and Macro-Project by the Greek Ministry of the Environment, Energy and Climate Change (GR)
Letter of support to COASTGAP project, the Bologna Charter and the JAP by the Italian Ministry for the Environment, Protection of the Territory and the Sea (IT)
Letter of support to the Bologna Charter and Macro-Project by the French Ministry for the Ecology, Sustainable Development and Energy (FR)
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